Silan the Snake

Underworld boss of Urik's only known criminal organization


This bald headed, weasel eyed, rogue has amassed the most powerful network of thieves in Yurick.
early in their escape from Yurick, the now Champions of Aramis were hired by Silan, in exchange for templar disguises, to kidnap Declimatus’s daughter, Kalira. Declimatus has overborrowed and not paid Silan. The Champions instead chose to rescue them both and flee the city, setting him up secretly at the Petrides estate.

The next meeting with Silan occured in the hunt for Talon, the assassin of Inocles Vaas. Silan knew the name of the person who had hired Talon and met with the Champions to make a trade. Being drunk that night, the Champion of the Wastes, Sil sealed negotiations with the repayment of the double cross and payment for new information with a metal dagger, the near twin of Silan’s own. Silan’s chief manager, the fiery haired Melinda, gave the Champions a 1 day reprieve to finish their business and escape.


Silan the Snake

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