Lady Waverly

A mysterious ghost who claims to be a wizard from the Pristine Tower.


Transluscent flesh, hollow eyes, and ghastly beauty signify this tortured soul. She rests in the heavily populated graveyards of Yurick where the cypts regular vomit forth their undead occupants to rend the living. Lady Waverly’s eyes burn with a different fire; the hunger to seal a vengeance more than 400 years old.

She claims to have been killed by the Hammer of Kelthas, the only weapon able to kill a sorceror queen. As an incredibly powerful specter, she is capable of both scrying and wandering far from the place of her crypt. Able to affect the material world, her rage is fueld by her need for the death of her killer, who still lives.

Nothing is yet known, who she really was, or how she now sustains her undead existance. Some of the Champions of Aramis suspect that she is possibly the fallen sorceror-queen Ablach Ray, named Unis Waverly.

Once, ranging miles from her place of turmoil, she chose to materialize to the party. With eyes unfocused, she addressed the Champions, “Be wary of the hate within you.” before dematerializing. She is not sane, but she is rational.


Lady Waverly

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