Fezzik is a Half-Giant. Was one of Kalak's royal guard, until he was assassinated.


There was a time when I believed in what I was doing, the majesty of the Sorcerer-King Kalak, the need for the slaves to support him and the annual levy.

Magic: The destruction of plant life was just the way of the world for defilers and King Kalak kept this scourge at bay. No sorcerers were allowed to cast magic unless it was one of the Kings Templar’s and I would crush any that tried to defy that law.

Slaves: That’s just how it’s always been. The strong survive and the weak pay for that with their blood, sweat, tears and lives. They were born into slavery, caught by the strong or simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way they were weak. If they were strong minded they would find a way out of slavery. If they were strong of body they would fight their way out. If they were both, they would be the Masters and others the slaves.

Service: The service of the King as his Royal Guard was an honor bestowed upon few and I was part of that few. We ensured that he not need to bother himself upon the petty matters of angered nobles. That rabble would come no nearer that a mekillot’s length to the King. That his taxes are paid and that his will is done in all shapes and forms.

That was then, before I saw the truth. As it has been said by Agis of Asticles, “The truth shall set you free”. For Tyr that is true, the truth has set it’s people free. Well the truth, a spear, Sadira of Tyr, Agis of Asticles, the great gladiators Rikus and Neeva, and the now first King of Free People; King Tithian of Mericles. Along with the rest of the revolting slaves and even some help from me.

They have all set a great example for the world. The slaves have been freed and desecrating magic is still constrained. The Kings fields have never been fuller and the Iron trade runs un-hampered. The people willing support the Templar, Guards and King. Well, the citizens anyway, the elves will never respect authority; they do respect strength and cunning though. The people work hard for a fair day’s pay. Sure there are paupers within Tyr; the weak, sick, old or lazy. Those who can and wish to work have money and shelter and leisure. The whips of the slave masters are gone and the bonds of slavery have disappeared thanks to those five honorable heroes.

With the death of the king I was assigned to Gabe Muir one of the brothers of the Iron Trade. An opportunity presents itself in this assignment. I can emulate my mentors. I too can be a great hero. I can free slaves. My life’s work has been set before me. Like the great five I, Fezzik, will also bring change to Athas. I will set men free and let them live their lives as they see fit, not as the whip and the lash allow them to live it….I will be a Hero of Legend!


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