The Verdant Passage

It's a Mul's Life, part 1.

As usual I was chosen for the arena, I should have just volunteered, at least then I would have walked in under my own “free” will. I was told that I was to team up with the bug, Chakka. Something about it’s eyes makes me uneasy. Four others are teamed up, & one old man is by himself. He shouldn’t have mouthed off to Muir like that, but his time is close to the end so why does that matter now?

The spectacle that we are to provide, the bug & myself are to fight a mob, the others will fight a giant centipede, & the old one is to fight Muir’s Half-Giant. The events unfold as I suspected, the two groups were victorious & the old man’s body will surely be rendered down, waste not, want not.

Our prize is water detail for a week. The others talk of making a break for it, I think someone mentioned Tyr. I’ll not stop them, might even lend a hand. I’m not worried if I get caught, I’m worth too much. The others…well let’s just say that it wouldn’t surprise me if the larders get a little fuller if we get caught.

We load up the mekillot for the journey to the oasis & head out early. We are allowed to be unbound for the trip, after all where would we go? The trip to the oasis takes a day. We begin to unload the beast, & several of us climb down into the well. There’s nothing but a trickle of water down here. As I search around the base of the well for any sign of remains, I hear a thud, as if something fell from above, then several more. In the gloom we search & find several shards that could be used as make-shift daggers. I guess someone up top is serious about making a break for it.

After the better part of the day, we get our fill of water & load up the mekillot. The others need rest, so we’ll make camp for the night & head out in the morning. The others are talking about overthrowing the guards again. The odds are stacked against us, two to one. If only we had a diversion…

A horn sounds! We look up to see a force of Humans & Elves on kanks, riding toward the camp. We call out to the guards. What choice do they have but to arm us in defense of the water? I grin & look towards the taskmaster…



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