The Verdant Passage

Betrayal at Eteras

The group joined camp with Jeram and the Windwalkers and made their way to Eastern Raam, Eteras, home of the Legion of bone. The journey with mekilot in tow, took almost four hours – a hard four hours on a difficult trail. The trail proved to be too difficult though – even with the assistance Budris controlling the mekilot and Jeram and his Windwalker slave tribe providing guidance on the trail. The caravan smashed against a tight cropping of rocks and broke the rear axle on the cart. The damage to the cart was severe. With the great strength of Fezzik and Eben A’Durn, the cart was lifted so that Jeram and Sil could make the repairs. The axle was fixed, however at an expensive cost. 16 crates of water were destroyed in the accident.

The group pressed on to Eteras where Jeram met a guard at the gate who admitted you into the city. The caravan made its way inside and it was very clear at that moment that Jeram had other plans for you. Jeram told a city official that his plan was to sell all the water on the cart and then sell the seven of you into slavery! Stern words were immediately exchanged and a battle was joined. Several of you recognized the odds and made a sprint for the short wall. The city guards mobilized just as quickly and mounted kanks in pursuit. The terrain outside the city was a rough dune – making it difficult to traverse on the hot sand. It wasn’t long before Tellamon, governor of Eteras, was on the scene with his kank riders. You were taken back to the city by force where you were questioned by Tellamon. Tellamon, a fan of the gladiator sport, decreed that your dispute with Jeram would be resolved in the Octagon – a make-shift arena.

After a relatively easy contest in the arena, your group prevailed. Tellamon proclaimed your freedom but denied your request to kill Jeram. Jeram’s punishment would mean an indefinite jail sentence. Changing the subject, Tellamon invited you to join him and watch other gladiators matches in the stands. These were thieves and criminals who were otherwise scheduled for execution. You were treated well the rest of the day and were offered to dine with Tellamon that evening at his manor house. During your conversations, Tellamon even suggested an opportunity to do some work for him in the future but more importantly he gave you the name of a buyer for your precious water, Aramis of Petrides – a noble and faro farmer outside the city.

That evening, as you got ready to attend a feast at Tellamon’s manor house, the magistrate Inocles Vas came rushing to your door asking for help. Tellamon was murdered. Inocles pleaded for your immediate assistance as it was likely that the assassin would be making preparations to leave Eteras that evening. You agreed to help and quickly made your way to the streets to figure out what occurred.

Through some careful investigation work you discovered that the murderer was a gladiator trainer, a dwarf named Luran who was getting ready to leave the city as you entered his training hall beneath the city barracks. As you approached, Luran ordered his two gladiators to attack you and the battle was joined. The party prevailed and Luran surrendered. Luran claimed to be a member of the Veiled Alliance and admitted to killing Tellamon, claiming he had plotted to kill Regent Etheros, leader of the Legion of Bone. The group released Luran to Inocles and investigated Tellamon’s estate to check on the dwarf’s story. No evidence of treason could be found except ashes of some recently burned parchment. The group returned to Inocles with no evidence of the dwarf’s claim. Inoocles thanked the group, offered a small token of ceramic coin for their efforts and provided directions to the Petrides estate where they could sell their water.

Only a few miles outside of town, the group entered the Petrides estate, home of Aramis of Petrides. Slaves, with good complexion and health that you have never seen cultivated green faro fields. As you entered the walkway to the estate, you were greeted by guards who showed you the way to the courtyard where you waited for the noble…



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