XP and Heroes of Legend

Each game the DMs will hand out XP earned for the night’s adventure. XP will account for opponents defeated, successful skill challenges, goals accomplished, successfully completing a chapter of a storyline and good role-playing.

Heroes of Legend
A Hero of Legend is a character status that is offered to encourage good role-playing and character development. A player must submit a character history to the DMs to become a Hero of Legend. With an approved character history, players earn benefits below below:

Character Histories
Players who have a character history posted on the wiki, with a portrait, earn an additional 10% XP each time they play. Character histories should be somewhat detailed. The posted version is public to other players, however, you may send the DMs an edited version to include private details about your character histories. Character histories can be submitted at any time during the campaign. However, you cannot become a Hero of Legend without a character history.

Game Write-ups
Game write-ups add to the campaign, boost player interest, drive plotlines and help players who miss a game catch up on the action. As a DM, they are also great ways to let us know what your character is thinking and in what direction you feel things are going. Write-ups are in-game ‘thoughts’ that your character has therefore write-ups are mostly and out-of-game thing unless your character specifies otherwise in the write-up. To earn credit, write-ups must be submitted to the wiki (under the Adventure Log tab) and emailed to the group by 12pm the Wednesday before the next game. Generally speaking, this will give everyone 13 days to do a write-up between adventures and allow for everyone to read what you have written. A write-up posted to the wiki and emailed to the group earns 1 credit for a Hero of Legend. Heroes of Legend earn characteristic boons by doing write-ups after an adventure. You must attend a game in order to do a write-up.

Characteristics of the Heroes of Legend
Heroes of Legend earn boons for each write-up. Players keep track of their own boons may spend them as they wish. A player may have several boons but never more than one boon of a single variety at a time.

  • High Achiever: additional 10% XP reward that is applied to the previous night’s XP total only
  • Good Fortune: as a free action convert any natural 1 to a 17
  • Renewed Health: take a healing surge as a free action
  • Determined Focus: end any one ongoing effect at the end of your turn as a free action
  • Fate of Athas: re-roll any single die roll accepting the second result as a free action
  • Death’s Door: auto-stabilize any failed death saving throw
  • Rage of the Wastes: convert any normal hit to a crit as a free action
  • Inner Wellspring: improve one stage category for Sun Sickness as a free action
  • Highly Capable: The player receives an extra action point

XP and Heroes of Legend

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