Water is abundant in only a few places on Athas: cities and marked oases. Players are given water tokens to represent the scarcity of water on Athas. Water tokens are gained and lost on a daily basis. The number of water tokens a PC has are dependent on climate conditions and the PC’s ability to carry water.

PCs will generally lose 1 unit of water per day. Additional units of water can be lost on the same day due to strenuous activity or extreme heat conditions (otherwise known as hot days).

Waterskin = 1 unit of water = 1 water token (each waterskin weighs 4lbs).

Sun Sickness If the character does not have water at the end of an extended rest, the character is attacked with Sun Sickness (pg 199 of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting).

Stage 1 (initial effects) = Target loses one healing surge (or HPs = to surge level if no surges are left). Surges or HPs lost cannot be healed until disease is cured.

Stage 2 (worsen) = Target takes a -2 to all attack and a -2 to all DEF values.

Stage 3 (final stage) = death

Note: If the PC is struck with sun sickness again, while he or she already has the disease, the PC loses an additional healing surge each time they are affected while they carry the disease. The disease does not go away immediately when you find sufficient water and resupply. The disease must be cured, like all other diseases, naturally or by magical means.

Endurance: The endurance skill is used to offset the penalty of sun sickness. An endurance check is made at each extended rest to improve or worsen the effects of the disease.

Improve DC = Level / 2 + 16

Maintain DC = Level / 2 + 11

Worsen DC = Level / 2 + 10 or less

Foraging for Water: A Nature check can help you find water or help you navigate towards an oasis. It’s very difficult to find water in the desert that is not in the city or on a marked oasis. Once per day, a PC can navigate to find water.

DC: 20 = You find enough water for yourself (1 unit)

DC:30 = You find enough water for yourself and 4 others (5 units)

On hot days, the DC increases both by +5.


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