Raam and Her Factions

Raam: The city-state of Raam was formerly ruled by the sorcerer-queen Abalach-Re and was fermenting with revolt even before her death. Raam is now filled with chaos as armed camps lay siege against each other hoping to gain ground in an endless struggle. The city-state is split into five factions with each vying for control over of the once profitable commerce trade city. The Bendi run a market quarter in the center of the city where warring factions can trade for supplies. The campaign begins in Raam.

The Legion of Bone: When the Dragon Queen Ablach-Re was killed by assassins, her entire political cabinet was also killed along with all of her Templars. All that remained of her former guard was the Legion of Bone. Now loosely organized mercenaries, the Legion of Bone control the eastern portion of the city fighting anyone who threatens their territory.

Empire of the Black Hand: The tarek war leader Turosh Mak aligned himself with the wealthy noble, Koras Muir, coal miner and former partner of the Raamite Trading Company. Together they formed the Empire of the Black Hand. Mixing wealth and slavery with brutish warfare, it was not long before the Empire had a clenched fist on the region. The Empire controls the western part of the city.

The Arukai: Violent tribes of Flinds who live at the base of Mt. Aru’ Khan.

The Iron Lords: The largest faction of slavers in Raam made up of primarily of humans. A wealthy noble, Gabe Muir, iron miner and former partner of the Raamite Trading Company, leads the organization. The Iron Lords control the Northern part of the city.

The Jade Tower: A secret society who live in a tower at the summit of Mt. Aru’ Khan. A soft green glow, at the top of the tower, can be seen in the distance at night.

The Bendi: Gypsy caravan masters and families who travel the wastes for trade. Their trade routes bring necessary supplies and resources to the warring factions who refuse to directly trade with each other. The Bendi operate a trade quarter in the central part of the damaged city.

Raam and Her Factions

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