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Basic Stuff:

  • Standard PHB character creation method adjusted from rules in the Dark Sun Campaign Guide
  • Start at 1st level, NO EQUIPMENT
  • Feats, classes and powers must be from a CORE book unless DM approved
  • Create a character who is heroic
  • Special bonus for character history


  • Arcane magic is illegal in most city-states except when permission is granted by the Templars.
  • Magic items are extremely rare on Athas. As such, an alternate method of player rewards will be utlized.
  • The Raise Dead ritual works twice for each character. After that, it is DM discretion if it will work again for a particular character.

Campaign Information

Interactive Map of Athas

Standard Map of Athas

A Player’s Primer on Athas

The History of Athas

Raam and Her Factions

Weapons of Inferior Materials


XP and Heroes of Legend

Currency, Equipment and Encumbrance

Campaign Gazetteer


Food schedule – an OOG topic


Main Page

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