Currency, Equipment and Encumbrance

Silver Piece = platinum
Ceramic Pieces = gold
Bit Pieces (bits) = silver
Lead Beads = copper

Silver Piece: Made of pure silver, like all metals on Athas, silver is very rare. Only the most wealthy walk about with silver pieces on their person. Silver pieces are used and generally accepted in all parts of the world, regardless of the city-state that stamped it. 10 silver pieces = 1 pound.

Ceramic Pieces: Ceramic Pieces are large ceramic tokens stamped with the seal of the city from which they were cast . They each differ from city-state to city-state but are similar in the sense that they can each be broken off into 10 bit sized wedges that are called bit pieces. Ceramic pieces have a standard value within the Tyr Region but may have less to none outside. 10 = 1 pound

Bit Pieces: Often called “bits” are small wedges of currency. Ten of them easily snap together to form a ceramic piece. 100 = 1 pound

Lead Beads: small beads of lead, with holes that allow them to be strung together. Slave change. 10 lead beads = 1 pound

Encumbrance: Encumbrance needs to be calculated. You will need to have a firm calculation on your load. Encumbrance will be important in our game as players will no doubt want to carry as much water on them as possible. 1 waterskin weighs 4 pounds.

Equipment: Use the PHB, AV and Dark Sun book for weapons and equipment. Replace all metal armor in the PHB and AV with the variants presented in the Dark Sun book. All weapons should be made out of either bone or obsidian. See the Dark Sun book for details.

Currency, Equipment and Encumbrance

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