Tome of Mon Adderath

Important story item


This magical tome is 3′ × 2′ and roughly 9 inches thick and weighs 30lbs. The pages do not tear or rip; by all measures available to us it is indestructible.

The first half of the book is written in Draconic.

The second half is written in elven and opens with a letter written by Unyss of Waverly and addressed to the following individuals: Gallard, Manu of Deche, Kalak, Daskinor, Inenek, Keltis, Tectuktitlay, Albeorn of Brunswich, Sielba, Cyan of Petrides, and Kalid-Ma. In the letter, Unyss references the great power of the addressed individuals and requests their aid to battle a power in Guistenal. The letter indicates that his name cannot be ‘uttered’ under any circumstance but that ‘he’ is close to reaching full transformation and must be destroyed. The letter goes on to coordinate a plan. A meeting was scheduled in Balic, roughly a month after the letter was written.

The exact wording of this letter is as follows:

164th King’s Age – Friend’s Fury (Y57) / -1946FY

Exalted ones and great powers of Athas,

I write you to plea for your assistance. Our teacher once proclaimed that a few of us might wander from the basic principles of magic. We have seen what has happened when power goes unchecked. I aim to stop this power and challenge you to do the same. You know of who I speakā€¦ I will not utter his name. However, he is close to completing the transformation. I have seen this for myself. I ask that you meet me in thirty days time. 30 days in Balic. There, we will discuss more and craft a plan to address this threat.

Unyss of Waverly

The section after this letter contains complex arcane formulas. It is the instructions is to create a seal to the Gray, in other words it is a form of banishment. The instructions in this book are to be used with a secondary ritual found only on the walls of a place called Elvenshae. Elvenshae is described in detail here. Oddly enough, you recall stumbling on such a place in the middle of the desert on your way back from the Silver Spring – the place where over 1,000 elves lie encased in molten glass.


Tlaloc found this book in the possession of Barasmus, a antiquities dealer in Raam. Barasmus was once known as Fentoncis, who was an adviser to the late Sorcerer-Queen Abalach-re.

Tome of Mon Adderath

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