Sgt. Mickelson

Ranking officer at the Legion of Bone's garrison at Mt. Urik'Khan


SGT Mickelson is the last ranking officer left in the Legion’s outpost on Mt Urik’Khan. He is an a fighting man in his sixties; a long term member of the Legion. He has survived numerous officers’ deaths. A veteran of continuous raids upon the encampment, he has been patrolling the mountain for the last 5 years. His last lieutenant was lost in the first failed attempt to kill Gengris.

He is a friend of the Champions on account of their support of the Legion on the Mountain. His friendship runs deeper because they found his missing wife, Ella just before she died. The assisted his passage to spend the last moments with Ella. Her memorial ceremony was sealed as he saw her ashes float upon the winds of Athas. Later, the friends collected her remains into an incredibly valuable wood box and offered it as a gift to the grizzled soldier.


Sgt. Mickelson

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