Huar of the Vine

Elder hieraphant druid and master of the Way, Huar is the leader of the Jade Tower.


An ancient male, possibly in his nineties. thinning hair, and beard. Has the ability to occasionally appear much younger to some.


Grand Hierophant of the Jade Tower and former advisor to the Sorceror Queen Ablach Ray.
He has grown the Agris forest of the Jade Tower to a depth of 150 feet, 50 feet in the past 6 months.
He is nurturing a lifeseed, a magical emerald sapling that contains the power to eventually grow into an emerald forest that once covered the deep forests of old Athas.
Immensely powerful in the Way, his leadership has shaped the Jade Tower for more than three generations.
He is believed by some of the Champions of Arimus to have ordered the death of his queen when she would not turn from her defiling ways.
His closest pupils believe him to be capable of shouldering hte burden of a powerful Champion should Athas ever face a peril that would wipe the life from it.

Huar of the Vine

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