Eben A'Durn

Mul Barbarian Gladiator


Str 18
Con 17
Dex 14
Int 10
Wis 11
Cha 8

HP 32
Bloodied 16
Surge Value 8
Surges Per Day 12

AC 13
Fort 16
Ref 13
Will 10

Athletics +9
Endurance +10
Nature +7


Eben’s dwarf father, Durn, was a reknown gladiator slave. In Durn’s hayday he was put out to stud & many wealthy houses paid for him to breed with some of their stock, & so there are many offspring of Durn, & the Iron Lords made a small fortune.

One year Durn & his handlers were travelling to Raam & were trapped by a sandstorm. The entourage lost their direction & were wandering in the desert wilds. During the storm they came across a barbarian tribe of humans. The Iron Lords offered water & riches so as not to be slaughtered by these wild men. As the wild men looked the entourage up and down, they were quick to recognize Durn. The agreement was that they would let them go & point them towards Raam, in payment Durn was to breed with some of the tribes slaves. That night there were screams as children were concieved.

After Durns death, many years later, the Iron Lords started to buy all of Durn’s offspring. They tracked down the human tribe who was raising young Eben Al’Durn. The Iron Lords came in force & made a small offer to by the spawn of Durn. The tribe refussed to sell so The Iron Lords slaughtered the tribe & took Eben & his siblings as their slaves. They gave Eben the best training water could buy, however they could never break his wild spirit.

Eben’s handlers forced Eben to be tattooed. Scales were inked all over Eben’s body, to make him resemble a rage drake. The intent was to color in a scale for each of Eben’s kills. Years later, Eben only has two scales filled, one for his first gladiator kill, the other for the man who tattooed him.

I’m told that my life is not that of an ordinary slave, that I have a place of honor that I am destined to fill, should I prove to have my father’s prowess…father is a funny word. I never met the man called Durn The Great, though I’m told I’m the spitting image of him, one of the greatest dwarf gladiators ever to walk the Seven Cities. I’m also told that I should be proud to be his son, his offspring. I’m not sure how I can be proud to be the spawn of a murderous slave who raped the woman who gave birth to me, for that matter, a slave who’s master was paid many life’s worth of water to put his slave out to stud. I have the same amount of pride as the bull who is being sent to the butcher.

All my life I have been raised to be a gladiator, so that I can earn water, coin & respect for my master. My only family life was training with Durn’s other offspring, learning what their weakness’ were so that I could use it against them when it was time for us to meet in the arena. The nobles paid well to see the children of Durn fight each other, so well that our numbers have thinned so much only two survive. Alzug A’Durn & myself Eben A’Durn.

For years, he always said that he would kill me, & today he will get his chance. Alzurg A’Durn is a heartless killer, who’s favorite sport is putting an end to his siblings, to the roar of the crowd. So why should my end be any different than the dozens of “siblings” who fell to our brother’s blade? He is the eldest, more skilled, more seasoned, & more feared. The outcome has already been determined & I have accepted my fate.

I take these last few moments to commune with the elements & set my soul at ease. I can hear the roaring commotion, they are coming for me. There is an urgency as key is put to lock, & the cell door moans open…

I awake, not sure how long it’s been since the fight. My last memory is Alzug’s body being dragged off. Am I now the last of Durn’s line? It’s better to not think of these things, for it doesn’t matter, It will only be a matter of time until I’m back into the dark & heat of the mines.

Eben A'Durn

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