Desora was your first contact at the Jade Tower. She hired you to rescue the Tree of Life and recently in secret to kill Gengras.


A staunch disciple of the Jade Tower, Desora has achived a high mastery of the arts through her studies. She is at odds with Huar’s leadership of the Jade Tower, she is in full support of the restoration of Athas.

She met the champions by a free running water source hidden in the grounds of the Tower. Capable of teleportation, she has aided the heroes in the assassination of the Flion Leader, Gengris. The Flion spirit is now broken and the Jade Tower is able to police the grounds outside the poisonous barrier much more easily. For her assistance, she faces Huar’s unknown punishment for aiding us directly.

In her early thirties, she serves as one of Grand Hierophant Huar’s 3 Forest Lords.


She once served as a Sergeant and archer in the Legion of Bone.
She was an orphan.
she has twice challenged the leadership of the Jade Tower to exert her will upon Athas.
The golden dagger given to her by Huar ten years ago marked her ascension to Jade Tower leadership. This dagger killed the Sorceror Queen Ablach Ray. She has no memory of the killing.
There has been a psychic silver chest that is incredibly difficult to break guarding a memory in her mind.


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