A foods export trader from Urik, you rescued Declimatus and his daughter Kalira from certain ruin. As a former business associate of Aramis; The champions placed him and his daughter in charge of the affairs of Aramis's estate.

Declimatus is a greying, bearded merchant of Yurick. After the fall of Raam, his food trading business was nearly destroyed as his contacts were displaced, fled, or killed in the chaos that followed. He was forced to borrow from Silan the Snake, head of the city thieves guild at a high rate of return. The loan did not buy him the time he needed to reestablish his business. Marked for torture and slavery, he was soon to be another victim of the merciless tyranny that flourishes under Hamanu.

The Champion of Aramis swept in and forced his flight to Tyr with his daughter. Upon return to the estate of Petrides, the leadership was found destroyed. After dealing with the usurpers, Declimatus and his daughter, Kalira were installed as the new manager for the faro fruit business. They are unaware of the secret living in the sealed Petrides crypt.



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