Aramis of Petrides

Noble, farmer and former senator of Raam before the collapse of the senate. Aramis owns several hundred acres of land which he has cultivated into a faro orchard. As a boy, Aramis sustained a severe skin burn leaving behind the mark of the sun.


Now on the path of the Green Walker, the scion of the 16th champion of Rajit takes shelter in a cavern protected by his own magical energies. Unable to leave his crypt, he is attended by 4 wraithlike servants; the eldest named Garaton. These wraiths are members of the Petrides estate who remain in service their household.
Arimus has named 8 Champions to serve during his Ascension to Avignon status.
1. Llaloc, bearer of the Sword of Petrides
2. Penzer, The Cursed Champion
3. Zaiadah, Mistress of the Mind
4. Arkin, Champion of the Storm and Sands
5. Sil, Champion of the Wilds
6. Fezzik, Champion of the Spiked Fist
7. Luken, Champion of Rain
8. Eben, Champion of the Scorching Heat of Athas


Aramis of Petrides

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