• Arkin Corilynn

    Arkin Corilynn

    Human male, skinny, middle-sized, early forties, heavily bronzed (think Egyptian) skin, salt and pepper hair and beard.
  • Fezzik


    Fezzik is a Half-Giant. Was one of Kalak's royal guard, until he was assassinated.
  • Sil


  • Aramis of Petrides

    Aramis of Petrides

    Noble, farmer and former senator of Raam before the collapse of the senate. Aramis owns several hundred acres of land which he has cultivated into a faro orchard. As a boy, Aramis sustained a severe skin burn leaving behind the mark of the sun.
  • Budris (deceased)

    Budris (deceased)

    A mindbender and master of the Way of the Unseen, Budris controls the mekilot.
  • Declimatus


    A foods export trader from Urik, you rescued Declimatus and his daughter Kalira from certain ruin. As a former business associate of Aramis; The champions placed him and his daughter in charge of the affairs of Aramis's estate.
  • Deserine


    Female Druid
  • Desora


    Desora was your first contact at the Jade Tower. She hired you to rescue the Tree of Life and recently in secret to kill Gengras.
  • Dhug Val

    Dhug Val

    The ruthless taskmaster and captain of the iron slave mine. He was promoted by Gabe Muir after killing the previous captain over a slave dispute and now performs both jobs.
  • Eben A'Durn

    Eben A'Durn

    Mul Barbarian Gladiator
  • Forest Lord Temenon

    Forest Lord Temenon

    Long Haired Male Robed Druid
  • Gabe Muir

    Gabe Muir

    Grand Marshal of the Iron Lords and former leader of the Raamite Trading Company. Gabe Muir is the wealthiest noble in all of Raam.
  • Hamanu


    King of Kings, Lord of this world, Hamanu is the Sorcerer King or Urik. It is said that his legions have never met defeat nor has he ever met his equal in combat.
  • Huar of the Vine

    Huar of the Vine

    Elder hieraphant druid and master of the Way, Huar is the leader of the Jade Tower.
  • Inocles Vas

    Inocles Vas

    Inocles Vas is the magistrate of Eteras, home of the Legion of Bone. Inocles asked you to help investigate the murder of Lord Telemon, former governor of Eteras.
  • Jeram


    Leader of the Windwalker slave tribe who you met near Salt Rock Springs
  • Kerok


    Half-giant bodyguard of Gabe Muir. Kerok performs all disciplinary executions. On occassion, Kerok will be tempted to fight in the pits for the sheer enjoyment of killing slaves.
  • Lady Isayana

    Lady Isayana

    Chief advisor to Toramund. Clearly she was once a beautiful elf, her eyes and tongue have been removed. She wears a signet ring from Balic and does not speak to you aloud. Rather, she speaks to you in your mind.
  • Lady Waverly

    Lady Waverly

    A mysterious ghost who claims to be a wizard from the Pristine Tower.
  • Larissa


    A quick-witted and beautiful human female, Larissa revealed herself from Inocles Vas' personal chambers. As a result, it is clear to you that the Legion of Bone works with the Veiled Alliance.
  • Leto Nayim

    Leto Nayim

    Bendi trader who always has something to sell.
  • Sgt. Mickelson

    Sgt. Mickelson

    Ranking officer at the Legion of Bone's garrison at Mt. Urik'Khan
  • Silan the Snake

    Silan the Snake

    Underworld boss of Urik's only known criminal organization
  • Toramund


    Chieftan of the Silver Hand and Lord of the Silver Spring, Toramund rules his domain with unquestioned authority. He is known by many as the "King of Merchants" and "Master Among Thieves." He keeps Ebonithe, his obsidian panther, by his side.
  • Vaca Baez (deceased)

    Vaca Baez (deceased)

    Former bounty hunter and deadly assassin. Vaca Baez is Gabe Muir's right hand.