The Verdant Passage

Wishing for Death

It is the day of the twilight moon; a dark and empty city we walked through with our Lord. I suppressed a violent inward shudder as we walked along that grey path into the maw of holy ground; holy to one lost soul. The gateway to magic powers beyond my dreams is a tomb; the home of that witch, Unis, our Lady Waverly. We have the Trivecta.
_ _
The subterranean basement gateway where Ablach Ray met her lover was lonely, , except for a little girl. A feeling flashed before me as Zaiadah ran over to her, I would kill them all if she beckoned me. I want to be with her so badly. It has been 19 years now, and I’m still alone. I would do anything to be with Cory again. My heart writhed seeing Zaiadah’s little one. I closed my eyes several times hoping I she would not be waiting around the next murky alley. My shakes weren’t noticed as walked last, holding the rear guard. I was sweating as we walked the bloody streets of Raam.
_ _
The darkness passed but I know there is no safety where Cory is concerned. I made pact with the Dark one that expired today. I would do it again to find her. Someday, maybe after all is green, I will join her. I could not face Arimus if I had to choose; my faith is weak in his cause next to this. Maybe my grave will hide this secret forever.
_ _
My choice was simple; step between Llalloc and Hamanu. I have mixed feelings that I never had to now because Arimus escaped. Hamanu and Unis also faced off tonight. If Hamanu hadn’t respected Lady Waverly’s tomb, I would be with Cory now.



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