The Verdant Passage

Tzadkiel Journal Entry 1

My investigations into the loose ends of our organization has lead me on an interesting twist of fate.

It seems the mark I’ve been tracking for a few weeks has been located. Deminicles has taken up residence at an estate belonging to the former Aramis of Petrides, now deceased. I find it curious that he was able to escape from Silon so easily. Silon is not a man to leave loose ends. Something doesn’t sit right with me and so I have been attempted to question the man. Before I could head to the estate however an old man by the name of Berazmus came stumbling about the streets of Urik screaming for the Veiled Alliance. He was quickly set upon by some thugs and left unconscious in an alley. While unconscious we had one of our agents procure him to a safe house for further questioning. It seems that an acquaintance of ours has had a run in with this man, Tlaloc. He claims that he was mugged by this “Templar” and that he must be brought to justice. He demanded at once that we travel to the estate of Petrides to apprehend him. This does not seem like a coincidence to me.

The final piece of the puzzle comes from some writings I’ve discovered in Raam. It was a journal pointing to the trading of information regarding our activities. It was discovered in Eteras near the Legion of Bone. There seems to be a a conclave of individuals consorting with one another. This journal detailed some of their activities, but never their identities. They never use their real names instead they go by the following: Moonblade, Dark Root, The Lioness, and Justicar. After discussing this with Verdaigne, she found it compelling and suggested that we pay a visit to the estate of Petrides.

Upon reaching the estate we quickly found Deminicles, he seemed to be doing rather well for himself. He stated that he had escaped from Silon the Snake, with the help of a band of mercenaries, of which Tlaloc is one. This hired muscle were currently staying at the compound and would be returning shortly. It seemed he was trying to intimidate us, as if we were close to something. When the time permits I plan to question him a bit more. I smell something fishy here. Silon the Snake is not a man to leave loose ends. Deminicles was way over his head, and I think he might still be. These mercenaries that he has associated himself with seem very seasoned. If he was to cross them there is no telling what might happen. Judging by the size of a half giant they travel with, I’d say he’s between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Tlaloc seemed agitated and a bit hostile at our reunion. He denied knowing any of the names presented to him, including when I accused him of being “Moonblade”. He seemed generally bothered by the name, leading me to believe he is in fact not him. This was followed by some jovial mocking by his companions. He mentioned an elf by the name of Lithander. I’ve passed the name onto my superiors for further investigation. His last known whereabouts being the Silver Sands. However our sources points towards a group of individuals, not a lone wilderness elf. The tracking seems to be precise, almost arcane in nature. I’m close I can feel it. If this group knows nothing of these activities then they may in fact be pawns in it. Someone may have marked them in some way…

Tlaloc agreed to share what he knew regarding the conclave, which was nothing. I feel he is being genuine. During the questioning of Barasmus it was revealed that this book was in fact a tome of great importance. Apparently Dregoth, the 3rd Champion of Rajaat was not destroyed but banished to The Grey using this very tome. It can also be used to bring him back. It’s shocking that such an artifact of power exists. It’s of great importance that this book not fall into the wrong hands. Upon pressing Tlaloc about this book he claimed it was in a safe place. While he seemed sincere I fear for the book’s safety. Clearly these four agents are after it for some reason. Could it possibly be to bring back Dregoth from the They Grey? Disturbing indeed. Upon learning this Verdaigne insisted I accompany this group and keep an eye on the book. I find the lack of trust concerning between us, I hope traveling with them will help to ease their suspicion. In the end it would be a terrible day for all parties involved should Dregoth returned from the Grey. Terrible indeed…

Tzadkiel Trez’Adune



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