The Verdant Passage


I can’t say which was a bigger surprise: running into Jeram or having forgotten how much I want to punch his face. He has a very punchable face. He doesn’t want to kill me on sight, so he has that going for him. Perhaps I just want to see the best in people, but I felt he could be a good asset in gang-controlled Raam. I was wrong. In the field of dishonesty and incompetence, Jeram does not disappoint. Sil thinks he should be eliminated, and Sil is probably right.

Not a surprise: the teleportation circle is busted. Searching for the missing keys will be…frustrating. And cause much bloodshed, I’m sure.

Surprise: we find Abalach-Re’s secret…boudoir? And a horrific trap…on an armoire? And an entrance to a secret underground tunnel.

That last bit was not much of a surprise. I figured something like this must exist in Raam. The ground is too soft in my home city for this kind of thing, but if the land can sustain it, why wouldn’t a respectable tyrant utilize that underground space?

Under-Tyr was…intense. Under-Raam? Much less so. Though apparently every underground environment has some dedication to the dead god Zahim. The significance of which is…who knows? Who cares?
I’ve got too many problems for a dead god to register.

No surprise: underground we find a giant predatory insect. The Champions of Aramis are now 4-0 against stupidly large burrowing vermin. A respectable record, but I imagine that first loss is going to be costly.

The tunnel leads directly underneath the territory of the Black Hand. This could be an asset, but we need to proceed cautiously.

First, we have to find those teleportation keys. Barasmas’s shop might be a good starting point, and he’s not using it right now.

And now Arkin and Lucan are making noise about returning to the Jade Tower. Which is exactly what I want, another trip up Mt. Aru’kai. Still, the Jade Tower has been marginally better than useless, which is more than I can say for the Veiled Alliance. In addition to whatever my friends want, the Jade Tower may be able to help with finding the teleportation keys…



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