The Verdant Passage

A Crazy Little Thing Called...?

Payment for proof of Gengras’s death:
1/3 of a teleportation key (paid by Hierophant, Jade Tower)
500 silver (paid by Captain Inocles Vas, Legion of Bone)

I had thought that by this point I would have many more pages in this ledger filled with our syndicate’s incomes. Sometimes I think that, as champions of righteousness, our talents are wasted. There’s more profit in mercenary work, or even just straight banditry. Alas, that’s a path that’s been closed off. We are all committed champions now, and given our roster of forgotten cast-offs, former brigands, and escaped slaves…the commitment is impressive.

Impressive, and easy to understand. Hard to understand: why people of reasonably great power would be motivated by romantic love. Sure, I can understand playing on such emotions as the means to manipulate. But sincere desire with no other motive? Madness. I suppose that’s just one of several detectable flaws in the Jade Tower’s Hierophant. It is a mystery to me why he would ask Zaidah to become his queen (for one thing, queen would not be the proper term, since the Hierophant is not an anointed king). There is much about the Jade Tower I find to be…irrational. Perhaps, this simply reflects an irrational leader. I’m missing something, what is it?

Hard also to understand the attachments that come with romantic love. These legionaries who carry the scorched bones of their departed loved ones, another type of madness. One advantage of my training is that I will never suffer such a distracting influence, but it does make such people hard for me to understand.

And did I hear Inocles Vas correctly when he referred to his Veiled Alliance visitor as “my dear?” Is this another fool-hardy partnership forged from romantic love? Nauseating. And irrational. If Abalach-Re appeared at the gates tomorrow to retake Raam, the Legion of Bone would be the first to rally behind her banner. And where would the ridiculous Veiled Alliance be then?


If there’s one lesson senior templars learn faster than their subordinates, it’s this: every obstacle can be turned into an opportunity. It will all hinge on this question: can the Veiled Alliance prove themselves to be more than useless? It’s doubtful. I’ve fruitlessly wasted my time with them before. But I do understand second chances. Sometimes I think I’m the only one on Athas who does.



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